Maplestone Mosaic Gallery in Creemore

Yesterday I and three other mosaic artists from the Toronto area took a trip to the small Ontario town of Creemore, population 1300, home to the only (as far as anyone knows) art gallery in Canada dedicated exclusively to mosaic art.

The front of the gallery, on a snowy dayCreemore is also home to Creemore Springs microbrewery, which adds to its tourist appeal. Well, it did for me.

Gallery interior, showing a red wall with mosaics and large window with Creemore Springs Brewery visible outsideThrough the large picture windows of the Maplestone Gallery, large snowflakes that were slowly falling onto the main street of this tiny town yesterday looked particularly picturesque.

Abstract mosaic on gallery wall in greens, blues and browns

A Terry Nicholls mosaic on the right

The gallery’s two rooms are filled with mosaic artworks by contemporary local and international artists in a range of styles and materials. From rustic to glitzy, in layered glass or wood and stone, from fine art to functional objects, from the nature-inspired abstracts of Terry Nicholls to the precisely crafted compositions by Lin Schorr, to Heather Vollans‘ work with upcycled and reclaimed materials, Maplestone gallery has an inspiring variety of contemporary mosaic art on display.

We ogled it for a good long while before going across the street to the Old Mill House pub for lunch and a pint of Creemore (both very good), then we returned and ogled it some more.

Though we didn’t visit other galleries on the street, we did have the chance to see the work of one other artist, who works not in mosaics but in pencil crayon and ink – Ruth Ann of Coloveration, who helps the owner of Maplestone run the gallery in the winter months showed us her photorealistic drawings of birds, which are stunning.

Barb Stark, Heather Vollans, Cheryl Bower & me at the Maplestone Gallery

With big thanks to Cheryl and Heather for getting me there, and to Ruth Ann for the warm welcome.


Maplestone Mosaic Gallery in Creemore — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for this glimpse of your outing to Creemore. Looks like you had a terrific day. Just one thing wrong: I’m so disappointed I couldn’t join you–in fact I’m terribly jealous! (But, collecting me for the drive there is just a little out of the way, I guess! LOL (I’m in B.C., you know!) PS–there’s a link to our brand-spanking-new website, below. My husband, an artist, and I finally put this together. Let me know what you think, s.v.p. :)

  2. What a wonderful day you had! I’ve been fortunate enough to rub cyber elbows with the owner and many mosaic artists throughout the years who have art in this gallery (enjoyed seeing photos of the “birth” of this awesome place too) and I believe they are some of the most extremely talented people on the planet. Thanks so much for another glimpse inside. I think I might have fainted had I seen all those mosaics in person.

    • It really is an inspiring place. Glad that you enjoyed the post, Cindy! If you had fainted, we would’ve revived you with very good coffee from a couple of doors down. I guess I’m just beginning to learn how excited mosaic artists can be about seeing so much great work in one place!

  3. Bev, sorry we couldn’t pick you up on our way there! I hope you’ll make the trip out here some day and visit it too :)
    Your site looks great. I didn’t realize your husband was also an artist. His paintings and your mosaics complement each other really well on the site. I love the moss green background, too – it’s such a beautiful colour and a great frame for your nature-inspired work.
    I think my favorite thing on your site is your “non-traditional artist’s statment” though!

  4. It’s so fun to see Maplestone gallery and to know that you ladies had a great time. Thank you for sharing this day with us.

  5. I love the photo of Kelley Knickerbocker’s mosaic! I never really thought of doing mosaics which have vertical depth…and throwing in glass beads. Spectacular!

    • Yes, the layering of glass to create a three dimensional work was a revelation for me too. I think Kelley Knickerbocker’s work for me was the most mind-blowing out of everything I saw at the gallery.

  6. Soon your work will be all over the place in local shops and galleries. Keep up the good work