In progress: Fragmentalist sign

Having now recovered from the holidays and a nasty ear infection, I’m now finishing work on a big four-foot wide sign with the Fragmentalist logo on it. The plan is to use it in the summer art shows as the name sign for my booth, as well as the new title banner for this blog.

Here’s a slideshow of the progress so far:

Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6

I think the font turned out just great in mosaic, and I’m planning to grout this thing in two colours to preserve the crispness of the text: dark brown grout for the letters and light beige for the background.

When the sign is complete – hopefully later this week – I’ll be working on incorporating it as the new banner into this website, which will need some colour scheme tweaks. I’ve also an idea of creating a background image in which a few of the curved lines of the sign/banner would continue outside the rectangle’s borders, extending into the site’s background.

Closeup the mosaic sign in proggress


In progress: Fragmentalist sign — 6 Comments

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. That is beautiful! Nice animation too. Great to see the process. I love how the blue outline tiles are transparent. You always have such great taste in materials. The letters are perfectly formed! You have such a mathematical mind! Maybe local businesses will be interested in one of these!

    • Thank you, Jenny! If “mathematical mind” is a euphemism for obsessive precision, then yes, I has it :)
      The transparent blue – once the grout goes in – won’t be transparent for long. So now one of the questions I still have to answer for myself is where the border between the dark and light grout will be. On one hand, it would be nice to have light grout in the blue outlines so that they’re brighter, on the other – the blue is part of the letters, not the background.

  2. Very neat and precise, as always… I’m sure it will beautiful and successfully serve its dual-purpose!

    Good luck with tweaking your WordPress theme to reflect your artistic design!

    • Thanks, JP! If you still see this blue-gray water/sky theme in a month’s time, then something went horribly wrong with my web skillz

  3. That looks absolutely incredible, I also second the local businesses idea – this would make a beautiful sign for any shop. Really lovely!

  4. That is so so cool, sister!! I love it!! I agree with the making signs for businesses – Jenny made one for a local fruit and veg shop in Cordoba, a mosaic sign with mirrors and stuff, and it was super pretty!
    You can add it to your Etsy shop? Maybe people will want customized stuff, if they can wait long enough ^^

    Love you!