A brief report on the Riverdale Art Walk

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at RAW last weekend! It was a great show with lots of visitors, engaging conversations and talented artists.

My booth at RAW

My booth at RAW

The weather was all kinds of crazy, but not during the set-up and take-down times – so I think the weather gods liked my offering. Throughout the day, ten-minute bursts of drenching rain just cooled us off from the scorching sun and made sure we got our exercise running around covering stuff up.

I got lots of compliments on my mosaics, many fascinated visitors who haven’t seen mosaics before, a few who wanted to learn how to make mosaics, but on the whole not that many who wanted to buy them. One guy brought me samples of a material called smalt, with a printout of its history and properties – that was kind of awesome. A whole lot of my friends showed up all at once and then brought me amazing artisanal ice cream from a place called Ed’s. On Sunday, there was a bluegrass band playing between bursts of rain – a joy to my honky-tonk heart.

Also, my neighbour artists were fantastic – so here’s a shout-out to them, plus a couple of others whose work I enjoyed. Click on the images to go to the artist’s site.

Lynn Leonard Photography

Lynn Leonard

Rob Boerboom Painter

Rob Boerboom

Stephen Cooper Photography

Stephen Cooper

Rob Croxford  Painting / Mixed media

Rob Croxford
Mixed media

Paul Karkas Painting

Paul Karkas

Patric Lajoie Photography

Patric Lajoie

Andrew SmithPhotography

Andrew Smith

Deirdre Wicks Watercolour

Deirdre Wicks


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