Sneaky Dee’s bathroom graffiti mosaic

Yes, it’s more than a little crazy, I agree. But isn’t it also illustriously grungy?

This is the first completed mosaic in the bathroom graffiti series I’ve started. This one represents the unholy mess at Sneaky Dee’s.

(More info & original photo I was working from in an earlier post: here.)
Sneaky Dees graffiti mosaic
The whole bottom part of this is a mirror – which of course a joy to photograph – hence the artsy contorted photo shoot. Here is the same thing with the sky reflected:

Sneaky Dees graffiti

There is stained glass, pieces of mirror, and four colours of grout in this thing but what I’m particularly proud of is how the “STEAL! records” sticker turned out.

If you want to see this insanity in person, come out to the Art Walk North this Friday or Saturday. It’ll be there. Messing with people’s minds.


Sneaky Dee’s bathroom graffiti mosaic — 7 Comments

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Really really super work!!!!! Wish I could be there this weekend for RAW!! I wish you great weather and many many sales!!! :-)

  2. Thank you, this was a labour of love. Actually, an effort to turn hate into love. Apparently it’s working :)

    Rob, sorry to hear you can’t come check out Art Walk North – I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the good wishes!

    Heather – hope you can come out this weekend and see this thing

  3. It looks amazing! I especially like how it’s been captured in the first photo… wish I could come out to the show. Charm ’em good :)

  4. Love the graffiti stuff…so original! I also love any mosaic that incorporates mirrors in a sophisticated way. I just love the way mirror comes alive as it reflects. Love the drips and the cracked ceramic tiles…bravo!

  5. Natalie, you have totally found your niche with the graffiti/streetscapes…it represents your personality and the incredible talent you have. Heather told me I would be blown away when I saw it and I am…bravo, girlfriend. See you Wednesday; remind me of your address on messaging or email…I have no brain.