the mosaics

picture of me, happy

I’ve been making mosaics since 2007. As with other artistic media I’ve tried over the years, one day I just read up on the techniques and gave it a try. With mosaics, something clicked. I knew, after I finished making that first mirror, that this tactile, complex, lustrous, enduring medium was the one for me.

I’ve always made art in my spare time, but once I started with mosaics I just didn’t seem to have enough spare time anymore for everything I wanted to make. And people loved the pieces that resulted. My decision, in May 2012, to leave my job as a banking analyst to become a full-time artist was actually tremendously exciting and only a little bit scary. I am so glad I made it.

the blog

The blog is a map of my own artistic journey as well as a collection of stories about the fragments of beauty I find in the world. I’ve also recently began interviewing other Canadian artists whose work is a source of wonder and inspiration.

I’ve always loved reading rather uncontrollably, so put a lot of care into my writing as well – high standards! I really appreciate hearing from people who find something interesting or engaging among my posts – please don’t feel shy about leaving comments.

the human

I have a major in English Literature and a minor in statistics from McGill University in Montreal, where I lived for six years, worked in a library, learned to play pool and enjoy bluegrass music.

I now live in Toronto with two small daughters and a wonderful husband whom I can’t thank enough for his unconditional support of my artistic adventure.

I value learning, literacy and creativity, and admire people who encourage these.

Thank you for visiting,